jeudi 27 mai 2010

Reseach Book

Urban Legend

On a Friday evening after finishing work for the week, a friend of a friend decided to go for a drink
before heading off home. The man jumped on the tube and crossed London from the City to the West
End, and entered a bar in Soho. Not long after arriving at the bar, a beautiful girl started chatting to
him. They seemed to have hit it off and spent the whole evening drinking and chatting with each other.
At the end of the evening the girl suggested that they go back to her hotel room where she was staying.
The man couldn’t believe his luck and promptly agreed.
After a short taxi ride they arrived at the hotel, and went straight up to the girls room. The girl poured a
glass of wine for them both, and they both started to undress. Suddenly the man felt very drowsy and
blacked out.
The man awoke the next day in the bathtub of the hotel room, submerged in ice. He couldn’t move
and hurt all over. On the wall was a note, which read ‘If you want to live, dial 999 immediately’. A
phone had been placed on a stool next to the bathtub, within his reach. He dialled 999 as instructed
and was put through to a paramedic. He was asked if a tube had been inserted in his back, after feeling
for it the man replied “Yes”. The paramedic told the man to stay calm and perfectly still and that an
ambulance was on its way.
The Paramedic knew straight away what had taken place, as it was not the first time it had happened.
Sure enough, one of the man’s kidneys had been removed by a highly professional gang that specialised
in the smuggling of human organs. The girl had lured him to the hotel room where she had
drugged him; the rest of the gang had been lying in wait.

Map Type

Brief introduction

Maps are a vital part of graphic communication. They are used in a variety of ways to communicate the importance of location in context. Maps are being used more and more as graphic design or illustrative projects, where people are taking the traditional skills as a cartographer to a more visual level. Looking at the importance of but also looking at how to produce them as a style.

Now i find it difficult because i'm not in to typography. You need to be to precise and you need to give to much concentration but the result in very interesting.


Stuart the Milk Men clapham old Town


mercredi 19 mai 2010



Print and Pattern / blog task for today

1. Take a shape (s) directly from your surroundings - (London) to base your pattern on.

2. Simplify this shape by cutting it out (by hand or on photoshop)

3. Create your pattern

Constraints: - create a black and white version and colour version - use maximum of 3 colours in the colour version

4. Animate your pattern in Photoshop

Contrast workshop with Jo

To extend this workshop you could take it in many directions. Some ideas would include creating a series of concertina booklets looking at various contrasts

Vernacular Type


Refers to the native language of a country or a locality.!


Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type,type! design,!

I develop this technic with tape. I use the newspaper as a support.

lundi 17 mai 2010

Stencils and Metamorphosis

A stencil is a template used to draw or paint identical letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, or patterns every time it is used. Stencil technique in visual art is also referred to as pochoir. Stencils are formed by removing sections from template material in the form of text or an image. This creates what is essentially a physical negative. The template can then be used to create impressions of the stenciled image, by applying pigment on the surface of the template and through the removed sections, leaving a reproduction of the stencil on the underlying surface